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Myopia Control in Kamloops

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Myopia Control for All Ages

More children are developing myopia every year, which makes it harder for them to see distant objects. Because 80% of childhood learning is visual, myopia can have a negative impact on their academic, athletic, and social development.

Thompson Rivers Family Optometry knows that detecting myopia early and effectively managing it can prevent its most severe outcomes. We’re ready to help you and your family control myopia so that you can keep making the most out of life.

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What Is Myopia?

Myopia is commonly referred to as nearsightedness. It takes place when the eyeball gradually changes shape and becomes too long, preventing light that enters from focusing correctly on the retina.

Myopia usually begins in childhood and worsens until a person’s early 20s, when it begins to stabilize. However, it can also appear in adults with specific health problems (such as high stress or diabetes). High myopia (a more severe form) can also raise the risk of developing other potentially-severe ocular health problems, including detached retinas and cataracts.

Children’s eye exams are one of the best ways to detect and control myopia before it progresses.

Myopia Symptoms
  • Blurry vision when trying to focus at a distance
  • Squinting at faraway objects to compensate for difficulty focusing
  • Headaches due to eye strain
  • Difficulty focusing when driving at night (in adults)
  • Difficulty focusing when looking at classroom blackboards (for children in school)

How we Control Myopia

Thompson Rivers Family Optometry can control myopia in children and adults by using the following tools and techniques:

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Controlling Myopia Today

Controlling myopia is easy when you start early. Look out for this condition by scheduling regular eye exams and book an appointment with us to find effective strategies for slowing down myopia in yourself or your children.

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