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Cataracts Treatments in Kamloops

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What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts are a leading cause of blindness around the world. They are caused by protein changes in the lens.

Cataracts develop slowly over time, but the more they grow, the more they can obscure your vision, affecting daily tasks like reading, driving, and recognizing faces. Without treatment, cataracts may eventually cause total vision loss.

Cataracts most commonly appear in people who are older than 40, but anyone can get them. Cataracts cause blindness in more than 3.5 million Canadians, but an ophthalmologist can surgically remove them in most cases, restoring vision.

Different Types of Cataracts

There are numerous types of cataracts. Common types include:

  • Nuclear: Cataracts forming on the nucleus of the eye’s lens. Nuclear cataracts are generally age-related, but a healthy diet can decrease your risk for them.
  • Subcapsular: Cataracts forming on the rear of the lens. Subcapsular cataracts are associated with diabetes and with the use of some steroids.
  • Cortical: Cataracts forming on the lens cortex near the central nucleus, which gradually spread towards the centre of the lens from the perimeter.

What Causes Cataracts?

Age is the leading risk factor for cataracts, but other factors can increase this risk as well:

Warning Signs of Cataracts

The following symptoms may indicate cataracts:

  • Progressively foggy or cloudy vision
  • Progressive myopia
  • Changes to your colour perception
  • Increased difficulty driving at night due to glare from light sources
  • Seeing double when looking at objects
  • Sudden or unexpected changes to your prescription

Cataract Treatment

Some early effects of cataracts can be offset by changing your corrective lenses or altering your routines. However, diagnosis and removal by a qualified eye doctor is the only way to remove cataracts entirely and restore vision.

Cataract surgery can help many people with cataracts safely restore their sight. Contact us to have your symptoms evaluated and find out whether cataract surgery can benefit you.

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