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Comprehensive Adult & Senior Eye Exams in Kamloops

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As we grow older, the risk of developing eye and vision problems increases. This fact is all more true for those who may have a health condition, like diabetes, or if other family members have struggled with eye conditions in the past. Vision impairment is one of the most common disabilities found in adults, but our team is here to help you find solutions you can trust.

With our comprehensive eye exams, we can get a detailed picture of your eyes and determine what kind of treatments you need to support your eye health and vision.

Our eye exams are designed to be comfortable, quick, and convenient. Please book your next appointment with Thompson Rivers Family Optometry and treat your eyes with professional support.

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Why Are Eye Exams Important?

If you think an eye exam is only to help you determine your lens prescription, think again. Not only does our highly-advanced examination process determine your prescription, but it also provides us with a detailed account of your eye health.

Many eye diseases, like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, can develop with no noticeable symptoms during their early stages and become more common as you grow older. Over time, these diseases will affect aspects of your eye health, including your retina, macula, intraocular pressure, and more, eventually damaging your eyes and causing permanent vision loss.

The Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) recommends having an eye exam once every 2 years. But to ensure you’re achieving the best eye health possible, we recommend annual eye exams.

What to Expect from Your Eye Exam

When you visit Thompson Rivers Family Optometry, we treat you as part of our family. Our reception team will ensure you are aware of every aspect of your eye exam before it begins.

One of our eye doctors will then personally escort you to the exam room to begin the eye exam.

The Pre-Exam Discussion

Before starting the exam, you and your doctor will discuss:

  • Your overall health and eye health.
  • Your personal and family health history to ensure it is up-to-date.
  • Any questions or concerns you have before starting the exam.

Please be as detailed as possible with any questions or concerns you have. Our goal is to find eye care solutions that deliver, and the information you provide will help ensure our treatments are matched to your needs and lifestyle.

Once we confirm your health information, we will proceed with the rest of the exam.

Visual acuity is a technical way to refer to how sharp your vision is. During this part of the exam, your doctor uses various tools and techniques to determine the quality of your vision and your prescription to help you achieve the clearest vision possible.

Some of the ways we do this include:

Eye disease screenings are arguably the most important part of any eye exam. Because many eye diseases can develop without symptoms in their early stages, your doctor must diagnose these issues as soon as possible.

We use the latest eye care technology to detect, diagnose, and manage a range of eye diseases, including:

At the end of your exam, your doctor will provide you with their findings and recommendations to promote clear vision and healthy eyes.

Some of these recommendations could be as simple as updating your lens prescription. But your doctor may also recommend more advanced treatments if you have an eye condition that needs addressing.

If you are visiting us for your first contact lens exam and fitting, please visit our contact lenses page for more information.

Find Aid for Your Ageing Eyes Today

Your eyes deserve comprehensive care and attention, and our team is ready to provide it. Please, book your appointment with our team today and find help keeping your vision clear and your eyes healthy.

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