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Laser Eye Surgery Consultation in Kamloops

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See the Light with Laser
Eye Surgery

Contacts and glasses can help you see clearly, but lots of people long for clear vision without corrective devices. Laser eye surgery can offer long-term correction for many people with common vision problems.

At Thompson Rivers Family Optometry, we’re always happy to chat with you about what laser eye surgery entails. We’ll also verify your candidacy for laser eye surgery so you know whether or not it can provide the outcome you want.

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What Is the Consultation
Process for Laser Eye Surgery?

If you want laser eye surgery, the first step is to schedule a consultation at our practice. During your visit, we’ll take some measurements to help us learn:

  • Your prescription
  • How thick your cornea is
  • Any changes your vision is undergoing
  • Your medical history (as well as your family medical history)

If we find that you’re a strong candidate for laser eye surgery, we’ll take the time to recommend an appropriate method and talk with you about the results. Then you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether you want to go ahead with the procedure.

After your procedure, we’ll arrange follow-up appointments to check in on the healing process. Follow-ups help us detect any potential complications and address them quickly so you can fully enjoy the results of your surgery.

What Kinds of Laser
Eye Surgery Are There?


LASIK is the most common type of laser eye surgery. It is over 98% effective for patients who use it to correct myopia and myopic astigmatism.

LASIK involves cutting a small flap in the exterior of your cornea with a laser, then reshaping the corneal stroma underneath. Afterwards, the flap is replaced so that it can heal.

LASIK often allows for faster recovery than other types of laser eye surgery. Patients typically achieve clear vision in less than 24 hours and totally heal within 3 months.

LASIK is not effective for people whose corneas are too thin, but PRK can represent a viable alternative. Some research shows even higher patient satisfaction levels for PRK than for LASIK.

PRK involves removing the entire exterior of the cornea with a blade, brush, laser, or alcohol solution so the corneal stroma can be reshaped. The exterior of the cornea then grows back over time.

PRK typically takes longer to recover from than LASIK. Most patients can expect clear vision in less than 5 days and total healing within 6 months.

Are You Ready to See
the Future Clearly?

Laser eye surgery can help you see clearly for years without lenses of any kind. To learn more about what laser eye surgery can do for you, contact our practice today.

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