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Diabetic Eye Exams in Kamloops

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Shield Your Eyes from
Diabetic Complications

Diabetes causes more vision loss for Canadians than any other disease. If you have diabetes, routine eye exams are vital for protecting your eyesight.

When you have diabetes, your risk for many severe eye diseases and conditions increases significantly. Eye health problems associated with diabetes include:

Some diabetic eye diseases can present few or no symptoms before causing permanent vision loss. Comprehensive eye exams allow your eye doctor to detect these problems early and take steps to mitigate their effects before your eyesight is affected.

What Eye Diseases Can
Come with Diabetes?


Open-angle glaucoma is over twice as likely to affect adults with diabetes. This common type of glaucoma results from a buildup of pressure inside the eye, which damages the optic nerve, so it can no longer send visual information to the brain.

Glaucoma takes many forms, some of which have no apparent symptoms until they cause permanent vision loss. Our comprehensive eye exams include tonometry tests to detect signs of glaucoma so your eye doctor can create a plan to curb its effects.

The lenses in your eyes are usually clear but can cloud over time. This clouding forms cataracts and they can gradually obscure your vision as they grow larger. Cataracts tend to show up later in life, but diabetes puts you at a higher risk for developing them sooner.

During an eye exam, your eye doctor can identify and diagnose cataracts before they create significant visual challenges. Once we diagnose you with cataracts, we can explore options for surgically removing them.

The blood vessels that nourish your retina can be damaged by high blood sugar, resulting in a disease called diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is the most common cause of vision loss for those with diabetes.

Advanced diabetic retinopathy can lead to diabetic macular edema. Diabetic macular edema is characterized by swelling in the macula, which handles central vision. Macular swelling can permanently impair your central vision, impacting your ability to read, drive, or recognize other people’s faces.

How Often Should People
with Diabetes Have Their
Eyes Examined?

The easiest way to prevent diabetic eye diseases from permanently affecting your sight is to catch them early. Comprehensive eye exams give your eye doctor an opportunity to discover potential problems while there is still time to manage them effectively and can also tell them if you are in the early stages of diabetes itself.

We recommend annual eye exams for our patients with diabetes. Contact us today and schedule your next visit.

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